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I want buns of steal

diet and exercise
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A community about dieting and exercising
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Welcome to dietandexercise, a community about
dieting and exercising. Do you want information on the
latest diet fad? Do you want some advice on how to make
that belly pouch dissolve? Then this is the place for

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- No promotions
- Please stay on topic. It's OK to post questions on
whether or not a certain type of diet will make you
sick, that is actually encouraged. But please do not
ask questions about illness unrelated to an exercise
or diet program. All health questions can be asked
-Please post all large pictures under a cut.
-There must also be just one picture
before an lj cut. We do not want to kill everyone's
friends list.
-A large body of writing must also be under an lj cut
-Racism, gender and sexual discrimination will not be
-Please do not harass other members... and please do
not pick fights with people. We want this place to
be as friendly as possible.

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We do not have any affiliates at this moment. If you
wish to be an affiliate, please contact the maintainer.

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community, you can reach us by emailing